If your Wyze app crashes on Pixel 6 Pro (or possibly other models) when opening a camera in full screen mode

Wanted to share something I discovered recently. I bought a Pixel 6 Pro and from the very first day of using it (Android 12 and 13), the Wyze app would crash when I tried to open an specific Wyze camera. Oddly, other apps on my phone did not crash, but a few others did.

After a number of failed troubleshooting steps messing with apps on my phone and OS settings, the one that worked for me (for all apps presenting this issue) was an OS setting: With Android 13, go to settings > system > gestures > system navigation

Using the 3-button navigation caused the issue. Switching to gesture navigation fixed the issue.

This is definitely a bug in the app and now that I can replicate its issue and resolution, wanted to share with the community and developers, who will hopefully issue a fix for this.