If your Wyze app crashes on Pixel 6 Pro (or possibly other models) when opening a camera in full screen mode

Wanted to share something I discovered recently. I bought a Pixel 6 Pro and from the very first day of using it (Android 12 and 13), the Wyze app would crash when I tried to open an specific Wyze camera. Oddly, other apps on my phone did not crash, but a few others did.

After a number of failed troubleshooting steps messing with apps on my phone and OS settings, the one that worked for me (for all apps presenting this issue) was an OS setting: With Android 13, go to settings > system > gestures > system navigation

Using the 3-button navigation caused the issue. Switching to gesture navigation fixed the issue.

This is definitely a bug in the app and now that I can replicate its issue and resolution, wanted to share with the community and developers, who will hopefully issue a fix for this.


I have the same issue but already have gesture enabled. App crashes back to home screen after tapping full screen for Cam Pan V2 and Cam V3. Also crashes if auto-rotate is enabled and physically turning the phone. Seems an Android 12/13 issue or this app version. I have older devices with Android 9 I still use and Wyze doesn’t crash going full screen.

If you have a Duck Duck Go VPN installed go into “App Tracking Protection” in the Duck Duck Go app and disable tracking.

Open App and it should work…

Oddly enough you can now enable the App Tracking Protection for the Wyze App and it will work, until the Duck Duck Go App gets updated. Then just repeat process

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Hi, are you still experiencing this issue? If possible could you please pass me a device log? Thanks!

I have a Pixel 6 on Android 13 (with March 5th security update). Wyze App v2.40.0 (190) with 3-button nav on. I have no problems opening a camera full screen.

Almost a year later and still have the issue. How do I send a device log to you directly?

Check out this link. Also, post your Log ID number on this forum so a forum Mod or Maven can pass the info to Wyze.