Fullscreen crashes app because of font size

Basically the title. If I go into the display settings and change the system font size back to normal fullscreen works. If it’s set to anything smaller the app crashes and won’t let you view fullscreen.

Insanely annoying.

Try going to Wyze app Home > Account > App Settings > Enable Hardware Decoder.

If it is toggled off, toggle on. If it is toggled on, toggle off. One of those two settings should work for your viewing device.

If neither works, please state your app version number, phone model/type and OS version so other users who have experienced the same issue can help.


I tried that setting turned off and on. Neither changed the problem.

Phone: Pixel 7
App version 2.45.0 (342)
Android 14 ( did the same thing on Android 13)

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Sorry… not familiar with Pixel UI. It sounds like there’s a disconnect with the Android fullscreen mode. I don’t know where the setting to check is under Pixel UI, but most Android UIs locate it in Settings > Display > Full screen apps > Wyze > “This app is optimized to run in full screen”. Some UIs lock the setting down, but you can get to it in Developer Mode also if the app isn’t already fullscreen-optimized for your phone. There are many Pixel users on this forum (probably not running beta 14) including several @Mavens … hopefully a Pixel user will chime in here.

I wish I could help, I don’t have an old pixel phone anymore to test this out with.

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Yeah Pixels don’t have that setting as far as I know. I think it’s a Samsung thing.

Same problem, 2.46.0 (368)

Pixel 7 with Android 14

same on my Pixel 7 pro, app 2.46.0 but I have not changed the font. hardware decode made no difference.

Same here. Pixel 8 pro.

Can confirm if I move the “Display Size” one notch from the smallest, everything works. If I move it to the smallest that I ACTUALLY want to use my device at… full screen in Wyze camera view crashes back to camera list.

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Pixel 7 pro, android 14. Wyze build

  • In list view or Individual cam view, Turn phone to horizontal view, exited to list view.

  • Attempt to open cam view and horizontal view flashes then vertical view takes place.

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Pixel 7 V2.46.0 (368)

Same issue. Verified that changing font size or display size anything but the smallest prevent the issue. However, smallest font and display size is my preference


Having same on Samsung Tab A7 Lite. No combination of font size/hardware encoder(on/off) makes a difference. It WAS working on Android app but then I upgraded directly to Siĺly me.

Ditto, same issue here. Thanks for the partial “fix” until wyze fixes this.

Do t think Wyze planning to fix this. This type of issue in ongoing, for years, even for previous phone models

Same issue here, Pixel 7 pro

I wish Wyze would fix this. Full screen used to work on my Pixel 6 until about 2 months ago.

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Yes, Wyze please fix this. Worked just fine until a couple months ago. I have submitted logs and chatted “tech support”. Of course they play dumb.

They won’t fix it it’s been ongoing for years

Wyze app version: 2.47.0 (373)
Android version: 14
Phone: Pixel 6 Pro

Experience: Wyze camera full screen will not work. Bounces out to list view consistently on each attempt. I have also tried with and without Hardware Decoder enabled. Lastly, I have retried these steps after clearing storage AND clearing cache with the same negative result.

What are expected next steps from Wyze support?

So far, the only thing I’ve found to work as mentioned is adjusting the display size. It seems most of us prefer the smallest display size selected as this is what causes the crash. However, moving the slider one dot over and you will have your full screen back again.