Screen goes dark and then all black

I’ve had a periodic problem of the screen becoming very dark and then going black for about a half hour. Then it returns to normal. This seems to happen only during daylight hours, and has happened when there is snow on the ground. The time stamp is visible during the blackout period. I have four cams at this location and this only happens to one of them,

I’ve tried all troubleshooting steps to no avail, and Wyze has been kind enough to replace the unit. Still, I am curious to know if others have experienced this and if a cause has been found.

When the video image does this in Live Stream, does the timestamp continue to count the time? Does the transfer speed in the top left fluctuate drastically? Does the recorded video on the SD Card also show a black screen? Is this happening in full daylight conditions or is it when it is transitioning to dusk? What happens when you toggle the Night Vision Mode icon thru the settings? Does the black video change?

Just off the top of my head, I would say there is an issue with the light sensor in the cam and it is being overexposed and trying to compensate by over-adjusting the white balance. If that is the case, it’s broke broke.

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