Scifi show chat, engage! (watercooler topic)

Here’s a fun concept – Let’s talk about the latest SciFi shows! From experience I’ve found people DO NOT want to hear ANY specifics. But a trailer is always welcome! So post what you know about new SciFi shows so we know to tune in, but no spoilers, please!!!

Here is a batch to get us started!

Dune, Part 2 (obviously, lol!)

Fallout: Highly recommended! A more fun version of Silo, which I also love:

Constellation, season 1:

Monarch-Legacy of Monsters (Kurt Russel and his actual son playing the same person):

Immaculate: Horror flick with Sydney Sweeney:

Discovery, season 5 (last season!):

Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire
Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver

Poor Things (Old. More discussion here generates more posts by all, lol):

Some possibly new items anyway, lol.

Halo, Resident Alien, Walking Dead, (etc) got new season(s)/spinoffs, but if you are following those you already know. :wink: Still, links to items like that welcome! :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to discuss shows, you should use courtesy spoiler protection. I will share how you can use spoiler tags in some way such as:

[blur]This is how you use a blur spoiler[/blur] Looks like the following:

This is how you use a blur spoiler

[details="Type non-spoiler idea in the details tag like this"]
and then the spoiler message down here
Looks like the following:

Type non-spoiler idea in the details tag like this

and then the spoiler message down here


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Oh yeah - 3 body problem! Only 400 seasons long! :wink:

The investigator is Dr Strange’s Wong. Most of the guys with beards including the guy Wong works for are from Game of Thrones. So cool cast.

Each of the group of friends are very central to the story:

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How about adding somethings like “MASSIVELY OFF TOPIC - TOTALLY UNRELATED TO WYZE” to the subject…

That’s why it’s in the “watercooler” category.

Though some things in the watercooler are Wyze related too, so I know it can be hard to know solely based on that.

Perhaps we could generally add something to the titles when a topic is just general water-cooler talk unrelated to Wyze. :thinking: Though in this case, I think the title generally implies what it’s about, I could potentially see some misunderstanding (people have in the past shared topics about seeing Wyze cams in a TV show, for example).

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WYZE is Science Fiction, unbelievable things happen. :rofl:

Like a cat hater recording a ton of fancy cat videos and then feeding them, falling love with cats and then adopting some?

Nope, they are stealing the Possum and :raccoon: snacks. I have another large bunch of purrabytes of Mr. Fancy Pants sitting by and drinking out of the water bowl, about 35 minutes worth. He’s is going to break AWS servers again. :laughing:

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Sometimes k6’z nutz get twizted. :slight_smile:

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The history of this franchise is interesting. I looked it up a few weeks ago to check my memory.

My memory told me that a protagonist called The Mule was sterile. The look up only noted that he was mutant, which might amount to the same thing, reproductively, I suppose.

Like…hanging below the rear truck bumper? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Aaaggh, it’s multiplying! (unlike The Mule who can’t because he’s sterile.)

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