Scheduled Event Notifications vs Shortcut Event Notifications

I want to setup our new Wyze pan cam to automatically record and send notification every night from say midnight until 5:40 am. I also want to be able to turn on notifications whenever we leave our house and turn them off when we return - using a shortcut for example.

My problem is that I can’t seem to figure out how to get a shortcut to turn on notifications IF the camera event recording is set to a ‘Schedule’ (not All Day).

If the camera event recording ‘Schedule’ setting is set to All Day, notifications turned on from a shortcut, like ‘I’m Away’ will work. If ‘Schedule’ is set to anything other than ‘All Day’, then using a shortcut to turn on notifications doesn’t cause events to be recorded and notifications to be sent. My guess is that it’s because I’m trying to turn them on outside of the scheduled time window.

Camera Event Recording has both the motion and sound events turned on.

It seems as though I need to be able to also turn the camera ‘Event Recording’ > ‘Schedule’ to ‘All Day’ in the shortcut before turning on notifications in order to get this to work. But, shortcuts do not allow the ‘Schedule’ setting to be changed. This should be simple to setup, so I must not be understanding something.
What am I doing wrong?

Note the ‘bell’ does not have a ‘line crossed through it’.