Automation Of Notifications

Wyze Community,

I have developed an easy shortcut schedule that does the following.

Every Monday-Friday, notifications get turned on at 7:00 AM and turned off at 5:30 PM.

I have also manually added a push shortcut to turn notifications on and off if and when we leave the house after 5:30 PM on weekdays and anytime during the weekend.

So what this does is Friday evenings when I get home notifications are off until Monday morning, or I enable the push when we leave the house. This leaves manual intervention very minimal. Setup should look like below.


Do you know if there are any shortcut alerts that have been created that can send an email in addition to the text notification?

Exactly what I’m trying to do.

In your camera, what do you have ‘Event Recording’ set to? All Day, or a scheduled window of time?

I can’t get shortcuts to send notifications, even after turning them on in the shortcut, unless I have also set this setting to ‘All Day’. Seems to me that your two shortcuts to turn on and off ‘alerts’ M-F could also be done using the ‘Event Recording’ Schedule feature, correct?