Alert scheduling for weekends

I have noticed the alert settings on all my WYZE cameras have a option to turn off “all day” alerts and set up for a daily schedule. This is GREAT Monday through Friday where I get motion alerts while I am at work and they automatically turn off at a time in the “PM”, however, this is not helpful during the weekends when I am home all day long and NOW I am bombarded with alerts every few minutes as I walk from room to room. Now I have to either live with dozens of alerts OR manually turn the off or interact with the app to address this.

Scheduling needs to be broken down into a M-F AND a WEEKEND schedule there both can have different hours because well…people never keep the same schedule M- S and their weekends are all ways different from the week days.


To do this, you use the Shortcuts feature. Set up a shortcut to turn alerts on Friday at 6pm (for example). Another to turn them on Monday at 8am. You can set additional shortcuts for the times during the week. If you click the Support link, top right, you will find detailed instructions on setting up Shortcuts.