Schedule rule not activating some actions

I have setup a schedule rule to turn on or off notification for a device depending on the time of day it is. All my rules start by turning everything on so I know the state I am starting with. After everything is on then I have it setup to stop notifications on certain device or turn off a camera.
The issue I am having is I turn off notification for the kitchen motion sensor but it does not turn off. I had setup a rule that I executed by hand before the schedule capability came out and I am not having any issues with these rules

Can you post some screen shots of the rule settings you have programmed? What does the rules history show for the sensor when it should of triggered?


This morning the basement monition was still sending notifications. Last night the night time rule executed but the living room came was not turned off, had to do by hand

the rules execute top to bottom correct?

The universal action “mute notifications” and “unmute notifications” applies to your account itself, not the individual devices. It’s just like pressing the bell button on the home page. This doesn’t send the unmute command to every device, it just ignores notifications from the devices until the account is unmuted again. Try removing that action, unless you want your account level action in there.

I would think the logic would be top to bottom but can’t confirm.

Still thinking about this one…

Thanks for your response, yes, I need to keep that action because at times I turn off all notification at the account level. Its odd it only happens on the schedule rules and not the others I have setup.

One other thing that crossed my mind is that maybe you’d need to break up all the actions into a few different rules that they n a few minutes apart. What time is your rule scheduled to run right now?. Thinking maybe the info overload from all those actions at once is causing some not to be received or processed. But also not all actons are included in the screen shots above so I can’t confirm if there are any that conflict.

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seems like we ran into a similar issue a couple years ago we ran into that on the old server side where multiple rules could at times block each other. Thought this was corrected. But depending also on how the router might process different streams of information it could be blocking each other there as well.

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Still having the issues and now it does not matter if its a schedule task or if I do it manually. The only thing I can point to is it started after the upgrade that gave the option of setting a schedule task.