Schedule for Motion Sensor not working

I just received a Motion Sensor, Added it to the account, associated it to a Pan Cam all is good for that part. Where I’m having problems is getting it to STOP sending me alerts when it detects motion.
I’ve setup a Schedule to turn of detecting motion during the day and turn it back on at night but it sends me notifications all the time. It looks like this


Cannt put the other picture part of the rule in this post, only 1 picture for a new user

Talked to support for a really long time, no joy. I think they were glad to see me go.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated right now the device is just blowing up my phone

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So here is the other picture part, that it wouldnt let me put in the 1st post
The rule to turn alerts on looks like this

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Have you waited for the start times to happen? If I set a scheduled rule to trigger at 3 pm and it’s 4 pm now, I have to wait until 23 hours for now fo that to trigger to take effect. Try removing the end times from each if you are creating a rule for on and a rule for off. Just have start times

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If the schedule calls for it to be on from 6pm to 5am the next morning, and if you created that at 6:30pm, it doesn’t take much of a code to test if the device should turn on.

In fact, I have an old smart plug (not Wyze), one of the very first in the market, the app is awful and it makes you jump through hoops to update the firmware. But it does this without fail.

It also doesn’t issue the message about the ending time is earlier than the start time :thinking:

OK, well I would have thought it would know what time it was, but I’ll wait and see what happens.

The schedule started working after the clock wrapped around

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Does the second rule work also when that time happens? Good to hear it’s working for ya.

Yes, the rule to not receive notifications during a time period works as well.
I don’t really understand why there is a rule to not send notifications, it seems redundant. I’ve now got 8 different rules to control 4 devices, my personal opinion is there should be a way of simplifying the process.

How about if a rule says send notifications between 8 & 10 AM don’t do it outside of those hours