Saving sound events

I get some weird noises in my garage overnight. It isnt daily bit they are very loud so I have tried to save them from the events by sharing them to messages (text/ mms). They load on the phone but there is no audio

I tried to share from the events to e mail, again I do not get audio. Is there a better way I can save these files? I have already lost some due to the time limit on the events recordings


I see you use both iOS and Android. I can speak about iOS – When you call up a 12-second event cloud clip, at the bottom of the screen you can “Download” it. That puts an unaltered clip into your Photos app.

You can also hit “Share” at which point you can do the same (Save Video), or do several other things to it, depending on what you have installed. I’d recommend the “Download” button above.

The thing that bothers me is your no audio. If you can hear audio in the 12-second clip, then you should be able to hear audio everywhere. Whereas MMS is positively the worst way to share a clip (it compresses the file to 1.5 MB or so), I don’t believe it removes audio.

So just to humor me, call up that individual camera and go into its settings. Under “Advanced Settings” is “Record Sound” on?

One last thing – the sounds you hear with the camera may be amplified or distorted. So many normal sounding things like the creak of a garage door when the wind blows on it may sound completely different on the recording. Best you listen live if you can, then go into the garage to hear the sounds live yourself.

Thanks for the reply. I mainly use the android and not the IOS and this issue is while using the Android
I have used the download button at the bottom and it saves the file to my photos app as you describe above.

I have tried to share it straight from the app to both MMS and send it as an attachment thru my e mail from one account to another ( send it from my Gmail account to another personal e mail account I have thru my web page host. I get the file but when I play it from either destination, I get no audio

I can here it while playing thru the events on the app and I can hear it when played from my photo app after downloading. I just cant seem to get it off my phone to my PC

To humor you, yes the record sound is on :slight_smile: Also, the sounds are banging sounds and differ all the time. One time it will sound like a pipe being hit with a metal object,sometimes once and sometimes repeatedly… I have no pipe in the garage. Another time it sounds like someone hitting an empty 55 gal drum but just one smack. Another has three sounds about 1/2 second apart that sounds like someone dropping a wooden flat board on the concrete floor with some force.

I also have two cameras in there …sometimes they both pick up the noise, sometimes only one picks it up and there was one time that there were two bangs heard on one camera but only one on the second. These are about 4 feet apart

anyway, back to my issue, I really would like to save them to my PC so I can edit them together to have fun with when telling ghost stories for the kids grin

After downloading. to phone, I just tap on share then bluetooth and send it to laptop via bluetooth , Works great never had a problem with it.
Once it is on the laptop then I can copy or move it to my NAS or External network drive if I wish

I have the same problem. I can hear it on my playback, but when sent to e mail no sound and cannot send text fails Everytime. I tried downloading it to Google drive still no audio. I was able to upside to fb home page. Sound isn’t as loud but did work. I wish I could find another way to save these. I have banging also two bangs from same area every time. I can hear them sometimes with my ears. Other times not so much. I also have a voice in mine a couple times. Cannot make our what it is saying. Kinda muffled, amd sounds like something from a tunnel. I would love to figure out how to send these via e mail.

Even when I download to phone says file cannot be played?

It might depend on what player you have on your device mine plays the clips and manual recordings just fine.
You could try installing VLC player on your device

Ok Thank you I will give that. Try

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