Saved by WYZE

A friend called and said they were having issues with her Dad. He is 100 and still quite independent but needs unwanted supervision. I mentioned my WYZE cameras and they were very interested. Pop’s didn’t have wifi but the local cable company, Haefele TV, hooked him up for as long as he needed it.
They bought one camera and really liked it and bought two more. Several days later they looked to see if he was up and around in the morning and they couldn’t see him anywhere. After adjusting camera angles they noticed his feet sticking out behind a couch. Running to his house next door they found he had fallen and was unconcience.
Some bumps and bruises and xrays he is back at home resting. They are very grateful for the cameras. Without them it may have been some time before they had found him.


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It’s good to hear he was ok.

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Great, and thanks for telling us. Usually a thread with a title like this will be something cute or sarcastic. So nice to hear that he’s okay and that the cameras really helped.