Satellite internet data usage is high

I love these cameras but the problem I have is when motion detection is on and events is on the 3 cameras use between 300 and 500 meg of data a day. Can’t afford to have that happen so when with the internet piece be optional to use. I want motion detection on and events on but do not want the internet
part. I know some have talked about separate networks and adding more hardware but that is not right.
Make the internet cloud storage optional without loosing the features of the camera.
Waiting for Starlink to come available might be the only solution

Let’s talk possibilities.

A 12-second clip is around 1.5 MB. To get 300-500MB of data, you would need to send 200-300 clips to the cloud a day between the 3 cameras. That’s 65-100 alerts a day per camera on average, which is a VERY intense notification rate for someone to have.

If you get that many alerts a day, is there anything you can do with the Motion Sensitivity, Detection Zone, or the camera’s schedule to make your life less chaotic? For instance, I turn off detection at night on my headlight-sensitive cameras, and drop back to a Sense PIR motion sensor to trigger them. A properly-positioned PIR detector still detects warm bodies and cars moving in your driveway, but doesn’t trigger on street headlights.

If you still need to filter videos, and still want to get notifications, then let’s talk Cam Plus Lite. In this case, you may not want it at all. If you have it, you may want to turn it off for each camera (Camera settings > Event Recording > Recording Type > Image (not Video)). That would at least turn off videos for each notification.

If you are not currently getting 65-100 alerts per day per camera, then you may want to look at other possibilities for your data usage. Like streaming off-site. If you or a shared user views the camera from outside your network, then that live stream will cost you data. Using the new Web View will also cost you data, even if you are on your local network. The solution is to drop shared users, or only view your cams off site for short periods of time. Note that viewing from inside your house, but on a phone that is not on your WiFi, is also viewing from off-site.

Hope something there helps! :slight_smile:


Just 150kb/sec is 9MB per minute or 216MB per day roughly per camera. The 150 I just pulled from my head and is an incredibly low number today for internet usage and I think is also about what the Wyze app shows for the v3 in 1080p if I remember correctly.

It is a very low number for video streaming. Many website pages will use a whole lot more than that.

If this number is a problem for you then you probably shouldn’t do video streaming at all (when away from the local network).

If you wanted motion and things, then you’d have to do it to the sd card only and you’d have to block the internet. I haven’t tested blocking it as of yet and seeing if the firmware will accept that. It should but it might not. Or you could use the rtsp firmware and block the internet and use an rtsp application that can do motion detection. I would think there’s something though I only use VLC so have no idea but programming can do that so it should exist.

It really sounds as if the new thumbnails-only default is perfect for this person…

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Still new to the cameras but this does help, no sharing views but my phone was not connected to the local wifi when viewing events. I shut off the licenses, no notification and no motion detect so I could find out what was using data. Once I do that no data being used. Two of the cameras are on my horses, and yes I found out they are pretty active at night as well…LOL 2 cameras backup to a sd card for events and notifications, the web cam I have disabled everything.

Looking into the thumbnail stuff that just came out, still a big learning curve going, not sure if the license needs to be active for it or not…thanks for all of your responses

In brief, if you don’t sign up for anything then you will probably get thumbnails.