Santa notification dismissed by accident

I accidentally dismissed the notification regarding having Santa on one of my cameras. How do I opt in? I can’t find it anywhere! Thanks!

Mr Claus should still have an event clip in the event tab unless you deleted the clip also. If you only dismissed the notification, the event should still be there.

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It says it’s available for one camera per home, I didn’t select which camera or a anything?

I don’t see anything in my events now but I’m assuming he’s supposed to come on Christmas Eve?

Just messaged a friend and he said that he had to opt in…

My apologies I thought you were saying you missed an event notification, but I think I understand what you are talking about now. Can you post a screen shot of this thing you are talking about, if you can, or your friend has any info on it? I haven’t heard of it before.

I went through my emails and found the one which included the link to opt-in. It was sent today about 5 Hours ago Subject was “Make a list and check it twice!”:

Maybe it is in your email deleted folder.

This was the link in my email:

I Want to see Santa


The Opt-in Now appears in the App Under Account and the click on the Symbol in the top right looks like a speak bubble. Then select Discover.


It wasn’t there before, I sware!!!

Haha thanks I got it now!

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It’s all good. It appeared in my soon after I posted the link. :slight_smile:

Were you able to choose which cam Santa will appear on?

All it said was opt in and then that it was accepted. Santa might look weird dancing on my 3d printer :joy:

Ok, same. A little more info would be nice, lol. My daughter just asked if we could move the security cameras to catch Santa :rofl:


Yea right

No, they said Santa would appear on one of your Camera’s and to look in the Events Tab around Midnight

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I just tried to opt in (still just under 4hrs left to do so as of this post) and when I click the text link to do so in the lower left of the notice it just takes me to a black screen with the “send email” paper airplane which takes me to the “submit a log” screen.
I have force-closed the wyze app and tried again but it still does the same.
Any ideas? I would LOVE to do this for my little one!

EDIT: I went back and found the email mentioned about this as well. I made sure I was logged into my Wyze account on my computer and clicked the link. the reply said “You’re In!” but then also said “Thanks for joining the waitlist! We’ll let you know as soon as we launch it. Stay tuned!”… Sooo am I good or am I on a waitlist???

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Since it occurred to my 8 year old daughter that we could use our security cam to catch Santa, I had been racking my brain trying to figure out how (short of paying a guy in a Santa costume to emerge from our fireplace at around midnight) to outsmart her. So thank you for coming to our rescue, Wyze! But I do wish I knew more about what exactly you all have in mind.

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It said I joined the waitlist! Anyone else have that?

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So now they’re making a list, and checking it…

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Yep. They indicated it would appear on the 25th in the events tab. Early morning just after midnight.

Was this only available to cam+ subscribers? I checked and did not have an email and it doesn’t show up in my app.

How do we opt in.

I don’t see this I’m my app, and did not get an email about this. (I am a cam+ subscriber, but not sure if that’s a requirement or not.)