Santa Clause Filter 2022

Please please please create the Santa Clause filter again. But the one that works this time (I am in Canada and was not lucky to catch Santa last year on any of my cameras). Heck, charge a fee if must…anything to keep the magic of Christmas (ie. Santa is real :wink: going. Thank you.

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What are you talking about? What is a Santa filter? I might vote for your suggestion but I have to know what you’re suggesting.

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Last year, Wyze came up with a brilliant ‘filter’ of sort (one needed to sign up for) added to a camera either showing Santa coming into a room at midnight (not sure if the idea incorporated a room where a camera was installed) or it was supposed to be an event added to all the events in a camera. Sadly it did not work for many people. That being said, I would love to be able to show my kids that Santa is real, you are wrong, and I have a proof on the camera ;=)


Yea it was random what you go. It showed up as an event in your event list. Here is one of them…


Thank you.

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How cute is that?! I hope they bring it back this year (it flew past me last year). Thanks for posting the clip.