Merry Moments 2022

Join us for a special holiday event! :tada: From Dec 15th-31st, Cam Plus and Cam Protect users can track Santa, Christmas trees, wrapped presents, and more. These videos will get a special holiday tag and you’ll be able to share them on the Merry Moments Map. :gift: At the end of the year, the 3 top liked videos will win a prize!

Remember to update your apps to version 2.38 for access to these new detections."


I don’t know why Wyze thought this was a good idea. I have a lighted snowman Christmas decoration on my front porch (about 4 feet tall) and my front porch cam kept waking me up through the night as I was trying to sleep! Several times, my camera alert woke me up. So there I am, thinking there is a person on my front porch at 2 am, only to find Wyze just wants me to share the “holiday” video! Seriously?!

At 2 am I was too groggy to research why it was happening, but it just kept happening. In the morning, I looked it up and learned what was causing it–not happy. I get precious little enough sleep as it is.

Wyze…give us a way to opt out of these things ahead of time! Now I have to set a big detection zone block over the snowman, rendering my front porch cam mostly useless (or move the lighted snowman off the porch into the yard out of camera view and exposed to rain). Just plain dumb!