Samsung's new u-SD memory cards are made to record over a decade of video

Just saw this ad about better Samsung micro SD cards, the ones I have that are the predecessor of these have lasted for years so far, and these are supposed to be better.


I also have the predecessors in 32, and 64 GB in my cams and a 128GB in my dash cam. The 64GB card in my one V3 has been flawless for the last 15 months of continuous recording. I’ll have to check out a new one for the dash cam just because. It can use cards up to 512GB. Even 128GB in my WCO would be a lot of raccoons, possum, skunk cat videos. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


Can you please provide an Amazon link to these cards?

As I said I am using the previous version cards not the new ones that @bryonhu posted about. This is what I have been using, Here is 32,64, and 128.

New cards here: at Samsung


Amazon links to the new version:

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Thank you very much, Antonius!

Thank you very much, Seapup!

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