Samsung galaxy smart watch app

would like to be able to view my cams on my smartwatch.

I use Tiny Cam Pro and it works with Huawei Watch 2 on Wear OS.

Nothing would be cooler than if one of my Wyze Sense devices triggered, and the live stream for the camera it is set to automatically opens on my watch face. THAT would be cool!!


It would be nice if you can import the Wyze Shortcuts as widget on my watch.

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It would be great if I didn’t have to carry my phone all the time. I have a Galaxy smartwatch with Bluetooth. An app for a Galaxy or Apple watch utilizing the Bluetooth technology to auto unlock would be great!

MOD NOTE: For Apple Watch integration, see this #wishlist topic: Apple Watch Integration Ideas

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Would love to see support for Samsung Wearable Devices (Tizen). And have a Samsung Galaxy Store Mobile download… I KNOW I KNOW, you already have the Wyze Band and I would LOVE to buy it, as it functionality is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I have my entire house outfitted with Wyze Products (except for the actual light switches [using Kasa], if you make them I will buy).

I also have a Samsung smart watch and would love a Tizen app to lock or unlock my new Wyze Lock via Bluetooth to avoid the hassles of auto lock or unlock.

“Make it so”


I would like to be able to function my lock , thermostatand li ghts with my S3 watch.

This. Any progress on this wish? I have a Galaxy Watch 4 on order. I’m currently wearing a Wyze Band, and I’ll miss not being able to activate my shortcuts from it.

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For sure would like to be able to get my cam notifications on my galaxy 4 watch.