Android Wear OS Integration

Greetings from Montreal Canada:
It would be great to able to see notification on a Android Wear OS Smartwatch.
If possible a send a photo of motion detected from the Wyze Cam.
Also if Smoke or CO2 alarm goes off in the house a message to your smartwatch would make you react quicker.
Regards Robert

I would like to thank everyone who voted for this feature
Regards Robert


This would be wonderful!

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Please add a wear OS app for viewing live stream and motion or sound triggered videos.


Yes, please add

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I agree, I have a Fossil smartwatch/Wear OS; and it has the Blink camera app, and I am getting notifications from my Blink cameras on my watch (and can see a still of the event on my watch). I have more Wyze cams set up than Blink however and it is frustrating not to be able to get my Wyze cam notificaitons on my watch. Why can’t Wyze do this? If Blink can, Wyze could. Let’s get going on this please!!!


Please, develope Wyze App for Wear OS by Google


App for Wear O/S

I have a Samsung Watch-4 which is an Android device. It is the perfect platform for an app which would be from the Google App Store.

BTW, not for nothing but the password requirements for a forum are preposterous. 10 characters with special character and uppercase. My password for is FAR simpler and that is linked to numerous credit cards.


Yes, I have a Watch 4 as well and am jealous when my friends show their security camera photos on their watch and I’m not able to. Besides jealousy, it would be a great addition to the whole security program and isn’t that the whole idea for purchasing the cameras?

A Wear OS app would be nice. Being able to open/close my garage with my watch would be cool and useful.