Run Forest, run

I don’t think I have seen a raccoon go this fast before, they usually just amble along.


They can run fast if a backyard dog chases them. :slight_smile:
Since we’re posting Videos of Racoons here, I’ve been having this little troop of furballs come running through my yard every night for a while lately:

I love the one that almost falls into the window well!


They must of had a ball game someplace, nice team. I usually only get one or 2 at a time but I have seen an entire family of 5 or 6 on occasion.

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Yeah, we’ve had a pair come by our house almost nightly for over a year. Now suddenly there is a whole family. Thankfully they are respectful to our kitties and not aggressive, though they almost found the kitty door into our house a couple of times!

Where do I sign up for the race?

LIke everyone else says… they usually walk by at a slowly pace… up to 7 of them… 3 is the norm lately…

So when this guy went flying by… I knew we had an Olympic Hopeful….



Must be race trial season. Forest arriving this morning.


Trash panda? More like Crash panda.


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Forest must be going for a marathon event :slight_smile: