Rule for Windy vs Calm days?

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It may be entirely possible that the sunshade and the palm frond are not what are being tagged as a person.

There is absolutely no way with any degree of certainty to look at a false AI tag and tell what object in that video is the tagged object. Wyze does not yet mark their tagged objects (it’s on the Wishlist).

The palm frond and sunshade may be creating the motion necessary to activate a motion event recording, and if you have the green motion tracking box on it may show these as motion, but that doesn’t mean that is what is being tagged as a person.

Your cam will motion activate on any motion created within the included Detection Zone. The cam firmware will then track that motion by adding the green track box if you have that feature enabled. As the cam records this motion activated event it is saving it to the SD Card if you have one inserted and enabled, while at the same time uploading the event video to the Wyze Servers so that the AI Bot on the server can interrogate the video for an AI object, in this case a person.

The AI Bot looks at ALL objects within the Included DZ…moving or not moving. It will return an AI positive tagged event if it thinks any object…moving or not, looks like a person.

I had this happening on one of my V3 that was facing the road. I only had Pet and Person AI enabled. I would get a Person event and notification every time a car went by. I kept asking: “Why is it tagging cars as people? This is crazy!”. Someone then took the time to explain to me how it works.

I started to inspect every single video. I wasn’t looking for things moving any more because that is just what activated the event. I was looking for non-moving objects that might resemble the general shape of something that might look like a person to someone who can only see shapes, not features.

I started using the DZ to exclude one object at a time. Nothing changed on a tree, the neighbors lamp post, etc. But then I excluded my mailbox that has a bush in front of it… a body with a head. The person notifications stopped. I found my mystery person.

Start by inspecting each video and slowly, over time, block out one object at a time until you find your mystery person.