Cams constant notifications of non-existent people and ignoring detection zone

Over the past couple weeks one of my cameras in the back has started alerting me numerous times a day to people, but there never are any. It sees raccoons, foxes, deer, lighting changes, bugs, rain, and very often just Nothing and alerts me as they are people. When I check the video it flashes the green box around nothing, the blacktop of the driveway, the roof of my jeep, edge of the lawn, etc. Once it literally highlighted the entire image.

I am also having an issue with a v2 cam in the front. It has just started ignoring the detection zone I have set and reporting things to me in the blacked out area that has worked fine for over a year. Now it alerts me to every car that passes the house.

It’s making the cameras useless to me as I am going to have to turn off alerts to save my sanity and then they may as well not be there.

I have been getting notifications of Person when vehicles drive by for the past couple of weeks too. I have two v3 cameras aimed at my front street (both on firmware One properly tags People, the second v3 frequently misidentifies vehicles as Person. I am not using detection zones or rules on both v3 cameras.

Same issue here…

There is no way to determine what object in the video is being tagged as a person. While the car may have initiated the motion event and is outlined with the green box, it is highly unlikely it is the object in the frame being tagged as a person. Wyze does not mark or highlight the object identified and tagged as an AI object.

The Green Motion Tracking box only shows something that is perceived by the cam as moving. It does not identify what is being AI tagged and it regularly does not show what motion initiated the motion event recording. It is simply marking the largest fastest moving object at that moment.

If you are getting Person Events when there is no person in the frame, it is most likely due to a non-moving object within the frame and included DZ that is being mistaken as a person.

Refer to this post on how to reduce those false positive AI tags and notifications.

Yeah the occasional mis-IDing a shadow as a person or similar has always been a thing. But these cams have been in place for a very long time and it always been just that… occasional, All of a sudden in the past ~1.5-2 months or so its happening several times a day and/or night. Its made the cams useless for what I have always used them for (tracking if people are on my property), as it goes off so often.

I know that Wyze regularly updates their AI Engine on the server. This may very well affect what gets tagged and what doesn’t. Also, I know that they have been working to push Edge AI into some of the firmware updates. I haven’t seen any confirmation of this on the V3, only the Pan. But, if that is in the mix, it will also change the cam AI behavior and freequency as well.

When one of my cams decides to start tagging falsely, I usually just adjust the sensitivity and DZ a bit. I haven’t had to do that in a long time though.