RTSP reflash and on normal code

Some question I have been searching and not found this info. I know RTSP can be activated by reflashing the cam.
So here goes
Once you flash the cam can you flash it back to default code?
Is RTSP every going to be on the default code anytime at all?

Hi and welcome.

  1. Yes, pretty sure you can.

  2. No, probably not. They still deem it experimental and out of their main branch. But it’s possible they change their mind. FYI there is also 3rd party RTSP firmware that will run on these.

Yes. If you look at the change log, the hyperlinks for the cameras firmware is the production firmware so you can flash to whatever you want.

Can you share a link to any 3rd party RTSP firmware?

Google “Xiaomi-Dafang-Hacks” - but no warranties and not a project for everyone

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