RTSP & Ivideon

Does anyone use Ivideon as a NVR and I’m having an issue with the video going grey. And one of my pan cameras looses connection. Also I’ve noticed that some cameras incorrectly, then I sync the time and it still ends messed up.

How long have you been using iVideoN? Do you trust it given its origin and that you can’t view the video unless it passes through their cloud servers? Or have you found another way? It certainly is a very very well polished solution.

In my experience the grey is momentary. Not ideal, but better than others I have seen including VLC.

I’ve only been using it for a little while. I’ve been view only using local server. Would you be able or anyone recommend software for Mac OS.

That local view only as I understand it still sends the video you are viewing from the server you installed on your machine through their cloud servers to you your phone or whatever client you are viewing from. I just don’t like the idea since most of their cloud servers are based in Russia.

Does anyone know of a good alternative to iVideon (preferably free just like iVideon)?