RTSP for Wyze Cam V3

So happy the RTSP is here but. I can not get the cam to start up in purple. I have tried about 10 times. It goes red. red flashing then “ready to connect”. What is the trick? And yes I have the SD in with the proper named file at the root.

Three things to check. Are you REALLY sure that the file name is right. Two parts to this one. First is that Windows by default likes to hide filename extensions, so it is really easy to end up with the fine ending in .bin.bin (which will not work). Second, most of the instructions say that the file needs to be demo.bin. That is correct for V2 and Pan cameras, but NOT for V3. For the V3, the filename must be demo_wcv3.bin
Third: Make sure the uSD card is no larger than 32GB.
OK, a fourth. Pressing and holding the setup button on the V3 is harder because of the waterproof cover. I use a probe rather than my finger. The tip of a key, blunt nose needle-nose pliers, small dowel rod all work well.


Thank you for the info. The issue was the size of the SD card. But now I can’t get it to stream in VLC. Any thoughts?

I have the RTSP configured for my 3 cams but they are not streaming to the basic VLC. Need help.

Look up Blue Iris.

Thanks. I had issue with Cheap SD Card. Some SD Cards won’t work.

I never use cheap cards…Major brand from reputable sources.

I’m not at home so I can’t walk you through using Wyze cameras on VLC, but I don’t remember anything special.