RTSP and motion detection by camera vs NVR

For the upcoming RTSP release, I recommend that the Wyze development team consider implementing camera based motion detection for the NVR (eg. Synology). This eliminates the need for image processing on the NVR and reduces NVR CPU load. Too many cameras do not provide this level of integration and I think it’s a valuable product differentiator that the Wyze team can implement through software.

Synology Motion Detection

I disagree. I only need an RTSP feed. The NVR software can manage the motion detection zones.

I do not know enough about RTSP or NVR to know if this response belongs here or in its own feature comment… However…

I have home automation that causes many lighting changes around sunset, bedtime, and sunrise. At each of these times I get an Event signal from every one of my cameras. This, in turn, causes a recorded playback on each of the cameras. All of this is a waste of my time, recorded Events and Playback videos. Every time I look for REAL Events I have to wade through many, unwanted On/Off Events.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be a Wyze development direction. Humans can easily distinguish between true “Motion” and “Lignts On or Off” in the field of view. True Events move across the field of view. Lights On/Off “Events” just happen in a short period of time without traversing in the field of view.

It would likely be unique in the surveillance camera industry if Wyze were to develop an AI feature to – optionally – detect and ignore simple Lights On/Off instances.

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Thanks for sharing your opinion on this Dean. I think the point you are making is that you plan to use the NVR for motion detection. My point is that I would like to be able to optionally use either. One of the chalengess in my experience with NVR platforms is incomplete integration, hence my post on this specific topic.

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Most IP camera standards include ONVIF and another RTSP. This would make it much more universal ip system.

Great point and thank you for providing the technical term to describe how to go beyond simply streaming the video. ONVIF support on Wyze devices would be an epic milestone and really move the needle from a compatibility perspective.

I am concerned about our connection to the Cloud 24/7 keeps us from any type of control over our own IP items because they have to be connected to a off site servers. What happens when Internet goes down, Nothing happens. All we have is a brick. IMO

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There are two alternative firmwares, one has ceased development, the other is still actively getting features. This provides a pure RTSP camera without cloud integration. I have not tested but would consider. In addition, when Wyze add the planned RTSP support, on prem storage will be possible using their native firmware. In fact, they need this for the upcoming launch of their first NVR called MaxDrive (on prem network video recorder). The purpose of creating this thread was to promote the option to leverage the built in camera motion detection for 3rd party NVR like Synology Surveillance Station. That would eliminate the need to perform image processing centrally when tagging frames with motion detection.