RSTP not installing on Cam v2

I have 5 Cam v2’s and have been trying to install the RSTP FW into them with no success. I have followed the instructions with no luck. I have 32gb cards (even formatted them to 10gb), renamed the bin file, made sure it’s FAT32, whipped the cards but with no luck. anyone have any other pointer that would help? I also have the latest RSTP FW.

Are you getting both the yellow and blue status LEDs after holding the setup button for at least five seconds while and after powering up the camera?
I have 16 V2 and two Pan cameras and most of those have been flashed twice (newer version). Never had a failure as long as I follow the procedure.

No I’m just getting a solid yellow light when I power it on. Then after like a minute it enters setup mode. 4 of the 5 V2 I’ve had for atleast 3 years. I have a black one that I got in Nov from Home Depot that also doesn’t work.

Are you pushing and holding the setup light WHILE you power up the camera and then holding it for at least five additional seconds?

Yes, I’m holding it before I power it up and still holding it after power up. Even gone as far as holding it for like a minute which triggers the setup mode where the yellow light flashes.

What operating system are you using to create the SDCard and naming demo.bin? If Windows, make sure it isn’t naming the file demo.bin.bin. Windows will hide the second .bin…there is a way to see it as described here:

Thank you everyone for all your advise. I finally got it to work. I tried everything everyone basically suggested at one time. I had already formatted the SD to FAT32 with a SD software. What I did this time was instead of using my laptop I used my gaming rig. Formatted the SD to exFAT then back to FAT32. Redownloaded the file and unzipped it, I realized that when I unzipped the file it actually came out as a solo bin file instead of the file being in a folder that I would have to go into and then rename and drag to the SD. So I think the extraction program I am using on my laptop may have been the issue. This also isn’t the first time something like this has happened. So getting 7-Zip on my laptop also.