Rollback firmware?

Is it possible to go back to a previous version?

The new firmware is just not working.

sdcard not recognized, no playback .

What is Wyze doing to fix this?

Yes, see this:


It may not just be firmware related. In fact, if you are talking about Android, it looks more like an application problem. The latest 1.4.33 version is just too unstable (many errors related to the app not being connected to the camera such as playback not working and setting the alert/motion on or off giving operation failed).

In my case I simply downgraded to the previous Android application version (no firmware downgrade) and everything works as before.

I’ll wait until a stable version is release before ever upgrading again.


How does one rollback the android app? I would love to give that a try to get working again.


Can you offer me any good advice on how to install an older software version of the WyzeCam app on my Android Samsung S4? I uninstalled an older version and tried to install a newer version thinking it would fix the problems I’ve experienced since upgrading the cameras to the latest firmware. It didn’t fix the issues. And on top of that, when I try to install the WyzeCam app again through the Google “Play Store” it says, “The software is not compatible with your device”. So, it’s refusing to install the latest and there seems to be no other options other than spending $200 on a newer version of my Galaxy phone.

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Since the last firmware update ( my two Pan cams will lock up and don’t connect in the IOS app when a micro SD card is inserted.

When I remove the card they work fine. Both cams have been working with these cards perfectly for over a month.

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