Robot Vacuum Tower for Automatic Emptying

I’ve been looking into getting one for awhile but have held off due to reviews because I have multiple pets in the home. But would 100% get one if there was a tower that it could connect to and empty automatically and resume or restart the clean.

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When ‘Sharon’ is finished, I remove the main roller and bin, and clean everything with my Wyze handheld vac.

I’d love to see this as well, an auto emptying bin with a bag less bin would be sooo nice

That’s probably one of the cons of having a RV that doesn’t come with an auto self emptying bin is that you have to empty the bin out constantly.

Would love to see Wyze make this , surprised this is just now been brought up but you have my Vote!!


Yes, exactly! I have a German shepherd(short hair) and a spoiled Anatolian shepherd (long hair) and I sweep once to twice a day but I’m tired of it and would love to have the convenience of someone or something else doing it and not having to constantly clean the thing that cleans.

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I run my robot vacuum daily but also use the wyze cordless vacuum to get the areas where the RV can’t or do a quick pass over some places to try and get everything

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Yea that is true I’m just looking for convenience due to the amount of work

Self emptying vacuum bin

The vacuum would be much improved if it could self-empty. The current automation is fabulous, but if you had a particularly messy floor, the vacuum isn’t going to finish until you empty the bin. That’s fine if you’re home and available to do it, but the beauty of a robot vacuum is that you can schedule it to clean while you’re away, so there’s a good chance you’re not there, and you’ll come back to your floors 60% cleaned. This feature is available on a variety of competitor products at a cost-effective price difference, so it seems reasonable to either offer it as part of the Wyze vac with initial purchase, or, personal favorite, offer the self-empty docking station attachment and firmware upgrade as an ad-on purchase so existing vacuum owners can enjoy the feature.