Robot Vacuum sleep

When does the vacuum go into sleep mode? Mine seems to always be on (i.e. white lights). Do the lights ever go off?


I have the same question. The light is always solid white light and the app shows it’s charging (100% already). How do I recognize sleep mode?

Same here. It’s very bright at night.

Same here; it’s so bright that I hope I have the option to turn the lights off.

Same here. Owner’s manual mentions it but I can’t get it to sleep. Love the newest update though… Edit room names and rooms👍🏻

I got mine to sleep by turning it off, for which you need to disconnect it from the charger, and then connect it back to the charger again. The lights on the vacuum are off, except for when I inspect its status in the App.

Battery discharges surprisingly fast in this sleep mode though, it goes down around five percent per hour, so if you have a weekly schedule it may have a couple of charge/discharge cycles between runs, which can’t be good for the battery. I guess there is probably some tweaking to be done to make it use less power when in sleep mode.