Robot Vacuum Not Charging

When did you get 202?

November 2020, I decided to fully disassemble, cleaned the interior, checked all the wiring connections. After assembly, still doing the same, after a few attempts I got it to stay on the charger.

Anyone have an idea of the issue?

How long was it running 1.6.202 before having the issue?

Not sure about when I did firmware update but it has been about a month having issues. Today it lost the map,

Is there a way to downgrade firmware?

Not officially. Otherwise, I do not know of anyone successfully replacing the firmware on a Wyze Robot Vacuum. Most recently I saw a method for un-bricking that involves copying the firmware from a working unit onto the broken unit. Sounds like the ability to do that has been patched-out in more recent firmware.

Have you tried cleaning the LIDAR sensor? Use canned air to blow out the little hole on the side of the sensor

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I think it will clear the map and start over after something like 3 failed dock attempts.

I don’t think it immediately overwrites the saved map though?

@b25pilot Open the multi-floor sidebar and check, if you have an additional floor, switching between them will force a reload. Normally need to do a full run and successful dock before it writes out the map.

Just showed-up on the “bricked” thread, but mentions “not going rogue anymore” with 1.6.202.


Tried running manually, no luck see photo #1

Photo #2 is what it used to look like.

Hoping WYZE has a firmware fix coming.

I’m trying to identify what it might be doing…

I tried placing an object to block the LIDAR on top of the robot. It just caused it to bump into things more, but otherwise it continued doing the perimeter sweep like normal. The LIDAR has to compensate for those cover standoffs after-all.

Response to LIDAR obstructions (around robot perimeter)

Response to bumping

Response to random bumping (including after perimeter sweep)

  • Upper-left: Used bumping to keep out of an area
  • Lower-left: Used LIDAR obstruction to keep out of an area.

It would be useful to see a video of it happening.

Tried again today to use the vacuum it just seems to wander.

Tried sending robot home, it just wanders and the charging station no longer shows in the map. I cleaned the IR sensors, is there a way to check if they are emitting? iPhone 13 camera filters IR light.

I don’t think filters are 100% blocking when it’s straight-on. At least that’s the case with mine. You can also use a security camera’s night vision with its IR turned-off.

It recognizes that room so the LIDAR appears to be working. I wonder if there was a change in the interpretation of the bump or fall sensors. You could try taping foil over the 4 fall sensors.

The charging station disappearing is odd. I’m still leaning on broken firmware rather than a hardware issue.

Bump sensors are a type of light gap detector…

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I was able to snap two photos one of the charging station, the other the robot itself.

Charging station has a blinking IR light.

Nothing blinking on robot, except LiDAR and edge detectors.

Still having problems docking, need to hold it from rotating off charger and powering off, but once I get past this it will stay on charge.

Parked on the charger after a little coaxing.

Charging station still blinking after docked.

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I think looking at the dock is better with the night vision off. There should be two distinctly blinking IR sources at a certain distance away from the front center. It has some IR blocking material in the middle so the two source are visible when looking at it directly centered.

Turning off the nightvision lights (in advanced settings) also helps when using nightvision mode.

It shouldn’t be rotating while touching the dock anyways, something is really bugged.

I check the dock again today, I set the robot to vacuum when we left, closing all the room doors so it would complete a map. But alas nothing good.

Robot reported it was done vacuuming in 3 minutes.

It ran for 16 minutes and failed to return to the charging station.

Here’s a short video showing the IR lights on the charging station.

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