Robot Vacuum back down to $199!

It had jumped up to $329 for a while, but as of last night was $199 at and amazon. Having seen the price jump before I went ahead and ordered a second vacuum to have for my upstairs. Even though the multilevel mapping in the beta version does work just fine I don’t want to have to carry the vacuum and charger up and down the stairs daily - and with 6 pets we need daily, lol!

At that price, having two is still less than one of some other vacuums, and the only thing I’m really sacrificing is an auto empty bin. IF I vacuum daily I can get away with emptying the bin manually daily. If I skip a few days I have to stop it and empty after one or two rooms, so an auto empty would be nice, but I’m not shelling out the money it would take to get one.


The Shark self-emptying with hair cutting are under $300 but to each his or her own… :slight_smile:

I saw one of the Sharks was $299, but doesn’t have Lidar, from what I can tell. I need one that can “see” my elderly dog. My old Roomba used to try to vacuum him and even sucked up his tail a few times.

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Shark vacuum is a joke. No lidar can’t find its way around. Check the reviews. Is terrible. I had it and sent back. Ended up with Roborock s5 before wyze launched their vac. Would have jumped on wyze but Roborock has been very responsive with plenty of meaningful updates unlike Wyze

I get that you don’t like them but the reviews are 4.5 out or 5 or 4 out of 5 depending on the model.

I have no use for LIDAR. I think it’s stupid and pointless.

Check YouTube comparisons, as you can imagine Amazon has an extensive problem with fake reviews.

You obviously haven’t used a vacuum with LiDAR vs the old camera arrangement. If you notice every single vac nowadays has a lidar for a reason. Much better mapping and obstacle avoidance.

But if you are happy with the pinball vacuums, power to you my friend.

I will check the videos when it’s time to purchase a new one, thanks. Yes I am extraordinarily happy with my “pinball” bouncing, cheap, and really dumb vac ($130 Ecovacs Deebot 500). It very gently navigates around everything and does a fine job cleaning multiple rooms before returning itself to base. It sees my stairs and avoids them. It had Alexa support from day 1. Replacement parts are so cheap they’re practically free (and I’ve only replaced one brush in 2 years). We run it every day.

Maybe LIDAR would add some value but I can’t imagine what that would be. To the contrary, I see reports that such vacuums don’t get close enough to the edge. (Unlike my dumb vac that patiently pirouettes around table legs and gets them clean.) What I would like to see as improvements is my vacuum running in a straight line grid pattern to catch everything on the first pass, and support for more than one device simultaneously in the Alexa skill. But I don’t think LIDAR has much to do with either. (Also I’m really interested in the Shark line’s hair detangling/slicing feature.)

Also I think I read that Ecovacs OEMs the Shark line, and if the reliability is anything like my Ecovacs Deebot I would have no complaints.

Thanks again.

Thanks so much for your post! You saved us $100.
This is my third vacuum: $199 Nov 2020, $224 last month, and now the Wyze price is $297, plus shipping - what a joke!
Walmart: $199, $24 3-year protection, and FREE delivery - $243, tax included.

We’re in the same situation, petwise - our GSD sheds a sweater every day.
Thanks again!