Ring on top of camera

What is the ring on top of the camera, with the Wyze logo inside, used for? Is it some type of sensor or simply a design characteristic? I don’t want to block it if it’s anything more than for esthetics.

There is a magnet under there for using the stand upside down, but if you don’t need that then I don’t think there’s anything else under there.

What are you planning on blocking it with?


Looking at tear down pics online, it appears the RF module is just a pcb with no larger antenna, but it’s hard to tell.

EDIT (again)

Apon further inspection, there is a larger antenna, visible in this pic, but I have no idea where it’s located internally. Could be the top.


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I had one WCO mounted using the top magnet for a year and it worked without issues at all.

I went another route anyway, but the consensus seems to be it’s an antenna?