Reviews of watch

I went to the reviews of the Wyze watch. Very sneaky choice of color rendering on the stars etc. They chose a dark paurple and black and made the contrast between the good and bad non existent . All 4 reviews look like 5 stars when they actually are not. Very very tricky Wyze. I’m beginning to loose my trust in you.

You sure that not an issue with your screen? I think it’s pretty clear which star is which


Hello and welcome to the community. I see what you mean, on my screen with the stars being fairly small it isn’t the easiest to distinguish. I will forward this up to the team.


Hi. Thanks for your thoughts. I have 9 different monitors that I work with at work everyday. 4 of them Retina and the rest 4K and calibrated regularly for graphic design and being online and shopping regularly, checking the reviews. This is the first and only time that I have encountered such a thing. The rating for the Wyze watch on an average of 4 reviews is 3.5 stars but at first glance you may think they are all 5 star reviews. BTY someone from Wyze contacted me and said he can see the issue on his end also and will report it.

It is not hard to see the difference between sites’ ratings colors.

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