Reviewing Events - Maintain Pause During Review

Pause is not maintained when reviewing event videos.

Using iOS v2.18.23 on iPhone 12 Pro Max.
Going to event notifications to review video. Using WCO, Cam v2, and Pan Scan (my experience, others may be the same as it seems to be an app function).

When playing a video, the desire is to pause it and use the slider to go back to what you just saw. Perhaps you want to zoom in to see more detail.
After Pause, use slider to move video back, video starts playing immediately and you lose the spot you were looking to zoom in on or review. Hitting Pause again doesn’t cause video to pause in time, and it may take a couple times before the video does pause.
In order to perform this function, user must save the video locally, then use native Apple video controls to pause and scrub through video.

Enable video “scrubbing” or the ability to pause and review video frame by frame in App.

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