Video "pauses" during playback


I have an iPhone 13 and an iPad, and both play back dectection videos with CamPlus with a pause between about 4 and 8 seconds.

It does not appear to be an issue with the Apple device, since it happens on both my devices. Is there a problem with the app?

I’m using iOS app 2.44.5 (3) on a iPhone SE2020 with iOS 16.6.1 and have numerous cloud recorded videos over 1 min long using Cam Plus and none of them pause on the cloud playback or the SD card Playback. I am not using your cam, I have V3, V3 Pro and WCO cams.

Can you be more specific… when exactly does the “pause” occur, and what do you mean by “pause”? Is there a delay between when you press “play” before the video actually begins to play? Or does the video begin immediately, with some part of the recording missing prior to where it begins? Or is there a period of time skipped in the middle of the recording? Or does the playback freeze for a few seconds and then resume from where it froze? Or does the playback freeze for a few seconds and then resume after a period of time has been skipped in the playback? Note that these are all very different things and it’s important to know which one (if any) you’re experiencing.

Also, if you try playing the same videos again, does the same problem always occur in the same way? Or does it sometimes fix itself? Or does the problem still occur, but at a different section of the playback?