Event Video - Freeze action?

When I view an Event Video I sometimes want to freeze a frame but find it hard to stop the action. It would be nice to be able to scrub the event video as well as accurately stop at a specific frame.
Fast forward is not really that useful on an even since it is pretty short duration.
I have V2 and V3 cams.

If I have something I want to frame-by-frame, I usually just save a clip and transfer it to my Mac. There I can easily capture a specific frame, and see much more detail while I’m looking. :slight_smile:

You can also just save the clip to your phone, where you should be able to scrub it. However, depending on your edit capabilities, you may have to screen cap the final shot.

Exporting a video and dealing with it in another software is too much process to simply get a better static view of a person or vehicle. I could go to my SD card and scrub around for the footage relating to the event but even that is not immediate enough. I would like to be able to have more control over the event timeline. A slow view (.5X, etc.) might help a bit.