Return to Start position, response to out of sight

Once the cam pan has followed an object say to the right and disappears what causes it to return to the center ? Is that a setting ? Is it possible for the camera to respond to something behind it or beyond the about 180 degree range of eye …. ? I’d like it to respond to a noise anywhere in the circle and begin to track. And after - return to start. Ideally both but the return to start is essential


Ok I see its supposed to go to the 4 way points at every 10 seconds - I have it set to default but its not moving - is that because I have motion detection set ? Ideally I just want it to scan and send a message if something is moving ….Is this an either OR option ???

do you have motion detection zone on ? it is either ot with pan scan

Also, make sure the Pan Scan icon button is lit green, indicating it is on. You may have set up the waypoints, but not actually turned on Pan Scan.

Yes - we finally have all the right items enabled ( green ). And it now scans the sectors ( waypoints ) every 10 seconds and follows any motion… thanks !

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