Retrieving footage from damaged SD


I was wondering. if my SD card gets destroyed or stolen, would i still be able to retrieve the video recordings?

No. The SD cards are not backed up.
You could subscribe to Cam Plus.


What said. :point_up:

Also you should still have any 12 second event clips that have not been erased from the cloud yet, plus anything you might have manually saved to app’s “Album” on your phone/tablet.

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Last point, the new outdoor cam can back up SD recordings to its indoor base station, or so I’ve read.


The goofy side note to that is; the base station and each camera are limited to 32GB SD cards. The base station can support 4 cameras, so 128GB of camera storage. How do you back that up to a 32GB card?

Same way you power the WCOs full time and same way you mount V2s outside. By ignoring the instructions, specs, and warranty and then hoping it still works. :frowning:

Yup. Smoke and mirrors. They WYZE way. :grin:

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