Resort to previous Wyze version

The Wyze app on my tablet, phone got updated overnight I guess. Both are Android devices running Android 8 and 10.

I am not impressed with this new version to be blunt. I use the activity list a lot in my case, to see when doors were opened/ closed for example. Always worked, nice layout.

This new version is just too much. I prefer form over function. I now have to go thru different steps to get to that list. Why? Why all the fancy colors?

I’ve found previous versions on sites like APKPURE and downloaded previous versions. The problem is they won’t install. Goes thru the normal install process, then abends with “App not installed”.

Why? How do I get the previous version? I’ve tried several with the same result. I’ve done this on my tablet and my cell phone, both Android.

Can anyone give me a pointer to the previous, or perhaps all previous versions of the Wyze app?

Thanks for the help

@Ralphy … Android will not allow you to install an older version of an app over a newer version. You will need to uninstall the Wyze app, then install the another version by sideloading it (which I believe you were tring to do). You will need to sign into the app again, but all your Wyze data will be restored from the Wyze servers.


Well said @MarkR

Dang it! I actually considered that then totally forgot.

That worked, thanks a bunch.

Not a fan of the new interface

So they have a new interface? Does it finally support landscape mode? Windows? WebRTC? Browsers? Groups that don’t flake out camera feeds?

I use the Event list a lot to check the status of the contact sensors and their history. Used to be a simple black and white list, but now overly colorful, and for me, not as easy to read.

At least for me. I’m a fan of function over form.

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