I am finally realizing that 1080p is not good enough resolution to capture important details beyond 25 feet or so.

I have a V3 and WCO outside. I am on the 3rd floor, so the cameras are about 25 feet up. I am not good at determining distance but the park spot are about 12 feet from the building. The road winds around the building.

It is impossible to read the tags on the parked vehicles, including ones straight across. It is impossible to see facial features.

Having captured several instances of people checking for unlocked vehicles at night, including the vehicle a pair of them parked in a spot, it is frustrating to not be able to obtain any useful identifiers.

These cameras are designed for close encounters. Yes, nice looking images of yards and scenery, but not sufficient for actually providing identifiers.

Regardless of

It’s just that the Wyze cams are the wrong tool for the job.

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If you want very high detail, you might want to consider something like a trail camera. I’ve seen those that have up to 48 megapixel sensors, and most can be set to take a burst of stills when motion is detected. In comparison, even a 4K video camera is only 8 megapixels.

I’ve seen ones with WiFi, but the few I’ve checked seem to be for directly connecting to download data, not for connecting to a network. :frowning_face: