Resetting wifi, I guess the joke's on me

Not in a million years would I have expected to have to physically re-set up every single one of my 20+ wyze cams just because I decided to change my router password. Now I will have to get the ladder out and move my cams, reset their positions, and try to get to all of the hard to reach ones. I guess this will take me a few days to get done. Wow, and for some silly reason I thought I would be able to easily change the wifi password in the app. Good one Wyze! The joke’s on me! Ha ha

You’ll find the same thing with any light bulb or plug too. Any brand, not just Wyze.
The cameras in cases are a real pain.


Yeah, it’s this way for basically every smart device. I have several by other companies too and it is the same thing for every device I’ve ever bought.

Think about it logically though. If your devices could just automatically know what the new WiFi Password was when you change it, then what is the point of changing the password? I mean, if you’re changing the password so your ex, or a neighbor or someone can no longer log on…what would make their devices any different? If your cameras or other devices can magically know the new password, then your neighbors devices could just do the same thing, and then there is no point to changing the password because their device would just switch over too.

There is nothing Wyze can do to change this, it is not their fault. At best, you could try to blame your WiFi router company for not creating some kind of protocol that would push the new password to all currently connected devices and then tell all device manufacturers to support the new protocol to allow this…sadly, to my knowledge, such a thing doesn’t currently exist. Sure makes like suck when you have over 75 devices like me that all need a new password update individually so they can connect to the WiFi again…hence why I don’t change my password as often as I wish.


It’s worth mentioning that this is NOT an insurmountable issue. Wyze (or any other manufacturer) could add some logic that would allow you to enter a secondary password (only for online devices) in the app, and push it to the devices. Then, if they failed to connect to Wi-Fi using the first password, they would try the secondary password (or it could even save multiple SSID/password combos, for folks who travel and bring a Wyze camera with them). Wyze already has a very robust multi-device firmware upgrade capability, much of the code from which could be reused. Offline devices, however, would have to be modified manually, through the normal reset process, or they could add an NFC auth to do a quick set or something similar… But now we’re adding hardware, so it would require new devices. :slight_smile:

Plume (Wi-Fi manufacturer) even allows multiple passwords for the same SSID, providing different settings/controls to the Wi-Fi client, depending on the password provided.

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I love this idea! You should add it to the wishlist and link to it here. I’ll vote for it for sure. Thanks for sharing.

I guess I figured I could just go into the app and tell each individual camera the new password. Done

It’s security thing for outdoor cams and every “smart” device out there. wyze does an excellent job in development compared to cost. Appreciation goes along way.

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I’ll agree it’s a pain in the assets. It’s all in the name of security. Home security is only as good as the lock on your front door. Physical security is a proactive way of protection. Same holds true for any digital device.

Wyze has been doing a great job at ensuring their device’s are less likely to get hacked. For a low cost product it has some amazing features and security is one of them.

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That’s very optomistic. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s more in the idea of simplicity. It’s easier to set up the cameras with a button than to trigger through software.

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Again simplicity is nice, maybe not for my use case. I live in Chicago and there are hundreds of devices at all times around me on the 7th floor of a high rise.

One thing I could think of as a use case is Apple TV. If I try to stream something to my Apple tv but pick up someone else’s I have to enter a 4 digit code. They get a message Kris’ iPhone wants to connect and displays a code for me to type in. I never thought to consider that his/her Apple TV is on their own network so how does that happen??

This happens all the time in a dense area. I dunno, they are smarter that I so I’ll leave it them. Happy Sunday.

Well, I gave up. I ended up changing my password back to the old one and everything is working again. There’s no way I’m gonna go around my house with the ladder in snow and ice right now. Maybe another time…

Wyze cams are my Eyes on my perimeter. Physical responce is next, like when a Pizza is delivered.