Reset Password Update All Cams

Hi all,
I have a few Wyze cams and a few of the new outdoors cams I have attached along the roof. Is there a way to update all the cams with a new wifi password, since it is a good security practice to change every few months? Or am I stuck with my current password? I would hate having to climb the roof again, disassembling each housing to update the wifi password

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No, there is no way. Yes, you are stuck with it. Wyze Cam Outdoor is a little different since it does not connect to your WiFi at all.

There is no need to change passwords if you never share a password. If it’s secure today it will be secure next month.

I know! It’s one of those security near-myths that drive me crazy. Frequent password changes cause SO much harm to humans compared to the benefits. The presumption is that a database will be compromised and the owners won’t find out in a timely fashion.

With WiFi it’s a little different in that it’s actually easier to hammer a home WiFi network with brute force and other attempts (unlike web sites or business networks that will typically detect and ban such attacks). So it would in fact be nice if Wyze had a simple solution for this. Several reasonable QRC techniques have been proposed.

We have at least 10 logins to maintain at work. Three on my phone alone. All different password requirements and change intervals.
All it does is cause users to write them down in easy to find places, like a sticky note on their monitor. How secure is that?

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I had all of my SSIDs change after a firmware update. The firmware used to broadcast a SSID for everyone of its access points. Now it is just one SSID for the network. I agree with OP.

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