REQUEST: Disable/lock/remove night vision toggle from Camera views

Hello again.

For some, the night vision toggle is extremely dangerous as it overrides the night vision options in the settings, and there is no confirmation, change of color icon, notice, anything so it’s very easy to accidentally press it, and not even notice.

Here are some options I could think of:

  1. Option to disable the IR toggle from the main screen (via settings)
  2. Remove the option from main screen if IR options disabled in settings
  3. Password protect the toggle
  4. Solve 10 algebra questions in 20 seconds (my guest couldn’t do that)

Please consider this. Many people use these cameras for the wide lense and have them in grow tents. Lights are always a concern and although I understand these lights are way off spectrum and should not affect plants, it’s still a risk some don’t like to take.

Thank you!

I updated my post, I don’t think that post is related as it is an issue from the master account as well.

The button can be pressed by anyone, accidentally