Reporting a bug - 2way talk feature

Issue: V2 cam’s SPEAK / 2way Talk doesn’t work properly. Can hear the recordings from the cam however when SPEAK via app the camera only projects static.

Other info: 11 V2’s in Groups and a PanCam (this works no issues)

Platform for App: iOS.

Bug: I had to remove the cameras from a group in order for the functionality of 2way Talk/ SPEAK to work. If the V2’s remained in a group the functionality would not work and all you hear is static. Even if you go into the individual camera in the group and try it still does not unless the camera is not in a group.

Please let support know as they had me chasing my tail for days to no avail.

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Please submit a log and post the log number here!
This will be useful to the @WyzeTeam.

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log: 55211
I selected one of the cameras. Would you like log from all?

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I have alerted Wyze of the issue, one log is good for now unless a Wyze team member says otherwise.


Thanks for the log and details! I’ll send this to the team. :slight_smile:

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I just want to follow up with this issue as our developer said it is fixed since 2.15+.
Could you confirm that this is fixed in 2.15 or 2.16 app?

Thank you,

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Hi and thanks for the follow up.
I am running 2.15.51 and can confirm it works great.