Repeating Events on a Timer

Is it possible to program the app to have a series of outlets turn on and off in a specific sequence and repeat after a certain amonut of time?

That is I want Plug A to turn on for like 40 seconds, then Plug B for 30 seconds, Plug C for 20, and Plug D for 40 seconds, and have them repeat that sequence every 20 or so minutes, and especially at a certain time. Can this be done?

If you create a series is rules that turn on and off lights at certain times and only stay in for 1 minute (the shortest timeframe I think?), you’ll likely run into the server lag that sometimes causes schedules to miss.

You might try chaining rules together so they trigger each other.

Something like:

Trigger 1: 930pm
Action: Light 1 on

Trigger 2: when light 1 has been on for 1 minute
Action: Light 1 off, Light 2 on

Trigger 3: when light 2 has been on for 1 minute
Action: Light 2 off, Light 3 on

And so on… Then make several copies of trigger 1, and various times of the day.

Would that do, maybe?

I take it back. You can do seconds!