Removing the Backing from 3M VHB double sided tape

Hello People.
3M VHB double-sided tape is very good at bonding two surfaces together. Cutting small pieces of tape for small items is difficult with scissors. Removing the backing by lifting it from its adhesive at a corner can be difficult because cutting the tape to size deforms the backing into the adhesive making it hard to separate the backing from the adhesive. The adhesive tends to separate from the surface rather than the backing from the adhesive.
When designing parts that will be bonded with 3M VHB tape, I try to size the part to receive the full width of the tape which requires only one trim cut per adhesive piece. After applying a piece of tape, a shallow slit is made through the backing only (not the adhesive) near the center of the piece nowhere near a corner.

I think the pictures below depicts my words above:

This backing removal works for larger projects as well, and you need not ever touch the fresh adhesive.

A change in plan may require the removal of an item taped to a surface.
Below is a tool to break the tape bond. It actually doesn’t work very well unless isopropyl alcohol is used with it to release the bond and remove the friction

Below are two other tape saws:
Made from store trash plastic banding.

Made from a piece of plywood and a metal wax paper cutter blade.

Here are the links to these saws:

Cutting Double Sided Foam Tape with a Metal Bladed Frame Saw

Cutting Double Sided Foam Tape with a Plastic Saw

Cutting Double Sided Foam Tape with a Plastic Saw - 2

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