Cutting Double Sided Foam Tape with a Plastic Saw

Hello People.
Not too long ago I posted Cutting Double Sided Foam Tape with a Metal Bladed Frame Saw.
Below are pictures depicting a much simpler plastic saw made from trash plastic banding I got from a Lowe’s indoor trash can. At home, I cut the 5/8" wide banding to a 7*1/2" length with a pair of kitchen scissors and then cut the tooth pattern along part of its edge with a bench grinder. It took me ten minutes to make it.

It worked very well. For your information, I did set a comparison test with a typical fast-food plastic knife on the surface of my electric range. It took a lot more force while stroking the knife to go through 2sq. of tape. The teeth are too fine and the blade is thicker than the adhesive, probably causing additional friction. My homemade saw only required 10 seconds to go through the remaining 2sq. inches of tape. Probably because of the course teeth and constant thickness thinner blade.
My saw blade is 0.035" thick compared to the adhesive’s 0.055" thickness.

Till later Victor.