Removing payment card

All I wanted to do is remove a payment card and add a new one. I found it impossible to remove the card, Although I loved the product and service, I GOT FRUSTRATED AND CACEL IT ALL!!!

Welcome @tedmier

Curious if you reached out to support to get your Credit Card Changed?

If you need to change your CC on file for services provided by Wyze, you can go here and edit your CC information

Home Monitoring & Security Services - Wyze Services

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I wanted to remove a card because I wanted to make sure it would never be use and it should not be so difficult. I have some experience using account portals and I did not believe that I would need to call for an action that should be simple. That just made me waste time and if a simple action is this difficult, what else is going to be this difficult. I hope they get this feedback and fix this issue because I truly like the service and produce.

This is a community forum, Wyze periodically will peruse and see what is going on. Like you, I am a community member, but a volunteer to help those that need help. I will see if I can get someone to look at this thread.

Did you try the link I sent? If you edit the CC, at the link, then it will allow you to enter a new CC.

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I did and it worked.


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