Remove annoying Cam Plus solicitations (ads) from Wyze app

In the app, features that require Cam Plus subscription are designed front-and-center. I don’t want this service and never will. I use SD cards to record events but I cannot view them efficiently when I get notifications.

I want Wyze to remove Cam Plus solicitations from the app and allow me to view recordings from microSD directly when I click on events. The multi-click work-around is inefficient and annoying.

It’s OK if Wyze wants to advertise paid features periodically, but purposely making it tempting to click paid features is dreadful for the user.

If you do not like the Wyze App, you could try TinyCam Pro and see if that fits your needs.


TinyCamPro doesn’t allow access to SD Card recorded footage.


Great wishlist request. This has been a real problem in the past and much worse than it is today.

To get the majority of ads quieted, be sure to turn off all your in app notifications and don’t click on anything that requires Cam Plus.

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Thanks for the reply. Yep, I turned off all in-app notifications and I’m getting better at not clicking on anything that requires Cam Plus.
I’m getting used to the triple click work-around to avoid the Cam Plus popups but it sure would be nice to click on an item in the events summary list and have it go directly to the SD recording.

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That may be something you can to suggest to them in another Wishlist request.

Currently the only way to jump to the timestamp of an event on the SD Card is to actually open the Event first.

In the Events list, there seems to be enough room on each Event Card Listing to move the Time stamp up under the Cam name and the AI Tag type (I have Cam Plus, but it would work globally) and stack those 3 high. This would free up the entire right side of the Event card for a SD click button on every card to jump straight to the SD. Or, click the thumbnail and view the Cloud thumbnail\video.

The OG Cams have the new UI where recent events show in the Live Stream UI. There, once an event is selected, it plays in the same screen, it doesn’t go to the Events tab. I am assuming that it shows the thumbnail for cams not on Cam Plus. But, once that thumbnail\video shows in that screen, there is a Jump to SD button that plays the timestamp of the event from the SD Card in that same viewer screen. It is the same number of clicks, but a much cleaner interface since it all happens in the same viewer UI.