Remote power outage notifications

I have three V3s at a remote location as well as three smart plugs. The power delivery and internet are spotty at times. How do I tell if the power goes down vs internet. Is there any device that will inform me?

There are lots of smart people on this forum and I bet I’ll get an answer pretty soon :slight_smile:

If you have no power, you probably have no Internet. If you want a notification that your remote location has no power, you’ll need a cellular SMS module with rechargeable battery backup. There are many choices available from many retailers including Amazon and Walmart. Here’s an example for a GSM cellular network (we have no idea what cellular options are available in your remote location): CNMF Smart Power Failure Alarm,GA01P GSM Mini Smart Remote Power Failure Alert SMS Call Alarm,Black

If you want a notification of power outage AFTER power has been restored and you have a WiFi signal with Internet access, there are gobs of inexpensive smartplug choices that can send notifications.


Call the :deer: :deer: or :raccoon: :raccoon: s on their cell phones and ask them if power is off. They have private numbers so there may be a fee charged, (In U.S. Dollars). :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :laughing:

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We used to have a monitoring program at work that would ping critical devices on the network to alert us when the device lost local power or network connectivity, or it locked up.

If you can find a similar app for your phone that would at least give you a push notification, a traveler could have their phone ping their home’s external TCP/IP address all the time they are gone. In your case you could include computer apps for any computer that runs continuously, as it sounds like you are always gone, and it’s just a remote site.

Besides needing to be capable of notifications while running in the background, I’d also look for an app that lets you slow down the ping time. Maybe to every 5 minutes or so. You don’t want to be using tons of cellular data for this!

The app wouldn’t be able to tell you why you can’t access the location, but it would at least let you know coverage is down.

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Yea we used a product called What’s Up Gold (WUG). You can ping an IP and other monitoring options to determine if there is an issue.

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@Seapup , that’s exactly what I need, although @Antonius option might be much better idea :rofl: :rofl: I just have to find a unit that will also operate in LTE as all Canadian telco’s are phasing out GSM support. With this type of gizmo, I will exactly know if there is a power failure or internet outage and report it to the proper channel.

I knew I’ll get an answer here.

Thank you all.

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